Tuesday, January 5, 2016


I do not know if it will happen but I am going to try and post something each day in January.  This may be a tall order and I give myself permission to slip.  A valiant try is all I can hope for.

Rain is a spread in my envelope journal.  You know the one, the one where the signatures are envelopes that art friends have sent me.  This time I am creating on an envelope that came from Sweden and my friend Ingrid.  Several weeks ago I found a Modigliani portrait that I liked and I also found a photo of a woman sitting almost in the same position.  With a few cuttings and a few tweakings,  I was able to combine the two into a new portrait, the one you see on the left.   You recognize the head done by Modigliani. The arms and hands are of the older lady.

The right hand side of the spread was fairly blah and I just happened to have some  two figures that looked good on that background.  I added the word "rain" and it was done.  One might say how do the left and right sides go together.  Well for me the word "London" is the answer.   What do you think?


Brian Kasstle said...

Together the whole thing works for me. Love it!

anonymous said...

London isn't a rainy city! Like your new portrait - clever Photoshopping.

jacki long said...

I like the randomness that works so well.
I hope I can do an envelope journal someday, you inspire me.

tgarrett said...

You are amazing John Arbuckle