Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Secret Season

The Secret Season
Attraction historically has not been easy for some men.  One had to be very careful.  There were looks and codes to be followed.  Somehow it worked for the most part although not always.  It is so much easier for couples to meet now but not in the 1940's and still certainly not in many countries around the world today.  It saddens me that gay men are thrown off buildings in ISIS occupied areas of Syria just because they are trying to be who they were born to be.  The Secret Season honors the past and hopes for the best in the future.

The envelope on the right came from my friend Connie Rose who lives in northern California. Thanks Connie for the collaboration even though you knew nothing about it.


tgarrett said...

Terrific spread- yes and it is very sad and frightening that these things are still happening to gays in the world. The hate is still alive in this country as well as some still want us not to have equal rights. Love is love and always will be.

Cate Rose said...

Wonderful spread!

Teresa Ettel said...

My nephew lives in state where he can get married today and fired tomorrow, or kicked out of his apt….because of who he loves. This piece made me sad. It's bittersweet. The man tipping his hat to the other man - wonderfully done.I hope you take that as a compliment in that it evoked emotion for me….the spread is beautiful.

Irene Rafael said...

It is heartbreaking whenever anyone is persecuted for who they are born to be. I love how you use envelopes!