Saturday, January 30, 2016

Shabby Chic71 and Shabby Chic Kob

Shabby Chic 71

Shabby Chic Kob
My Mom and Dad worked for Goodyear Tire in Los Angles.  In fact, that is where they met. Dorothy was working as a secretary and my father would make up excuses to visit the office where she worked.  In 1948 they married and soon moved to Kent, WA where they had purchased ten acres. They also purchased a house up the road from the acreage and had it moved onto the property.  Here is a photo of moving day.


jacki long said...

Hard to imagine how brave they were back then to move a house?
I love that you using and sharing these bits from your past. ♥
It even adds to your richness.

anonymous said...

They still move houses and small churches regularly in New Zealand! I love the man underneath!!!