Monday, November 30, 2015

ATC December 2015

December 2015 ATC 
December 2015 ATC
In my international ATC group we always have a theme or two every other month to complete.  This time it was using fabric or cardboard.  The ATCs that I made were time consuming which I did not mind.  It seems I go for the difficult when I have so many things on my plate already.   I stamped, did line work, collaged, and tore to get the results I have.  I made 17 cards this time!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

It Is What It Is

It Is What It Is
November has been an extremely busy month for me. I really like to finish works that have deadlines way ahead of schedule.  Completing this piece right before the deadline was a bit stressful for me. Tomorrow this was to go in the mail to the next person in one of the RRs I am in.  I got a reprieve as she is going to be out of town.  However, the piece is done, done, done.

I can't decide if the lettering needs to be heavier or not.  So I will get a chance to live with it for a week and then decide what to do, leave it or enhance it.  On to other deadlines! :-)

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Unspoken Truth

Unspoken Truth
These two men appeared in a piece I did called Italian Gothic.  This piece took a bit of time to do.  I did a somewhat similar background in a journal last summer for the class that Terry, Brian, and I taught in Coupeville, WA.  I love doing texture rubbings which appear in the background.  Adding tissue paper billard balls which my Florida art friend, Thomas, found really add background interest. I photo-shopped the men to achieve the pixelated appearance.  Finally I put a faux encaustic finish on the piece.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Things in Common

Things in Common

Lots of things going on here that I had never tried before.  First, it is going to be framed 20 x 24.  So it is one of the largest pieces I have done.  Second, the finish and final layer is faux encaustic.  I am in love with the technique.  I have wanted to try it and just was not sure if I would like it or not.  Yes, siree! It does have a waxy feel to it.  Not sure if one can tell from looking at it face on, but the feel is very fine.

I found some great napkins at IKEA which I used in this piece.  I love the rub off letters although they were a bear to adhere all the way around the red circle.  Thanks Seth Apter for turning me on to them.  I also have an image transfer.  I love how the background comes through the image.  It is difficult to tell which came first, the image or the background.

I started this piece when all the terrorist activity was going on in Paris.  Hence the French numbers and quite by accident, but maybe in my subconscious, I sort of have the red, white, and blue of the French flag.  So I am dedicating this to the people of France.  I love Paris and I hate to see and hear about the pain that has gone on there and in other parts of the world.  No soapbox here, just thinking of the victims and their families.  It has been a difficult year for the French and especially the Parisians.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

John's Version of Chuck Close Portrait

Chuck Close Portrait
In early November I taught a workshop for teachers at the Schack Art Center in Everett, WA.  Every session that day taught the teachers about portraits and my example for the project I taught included Chuck Close. The reason I chose Chuck Close for this portrait example is because the Schack is having an exhibit of his work beginning in May.  I am involved with student field trips at the Schack.

If you know Chuck Close's work you know that it is pixelated.  I created the background first and then collaged a tissue paper portrait of Chuck Close over the background.  I love how the transparency of the portrait allows the background to show through.

I have had several people wonder why I have disappeared from blogging.  There are several reasons....one, I was sick after my trip to Mexico.....two, I have been swamped with work....three, I am trying to curate a show with my friend, Jan, for the NW Collage Society which begins in January in Seattle.  Just a few days ago I had 17 things on my DO list.  Now I am down to 10.  Busy times.

Happy Thanksgiving! :-)

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Another Meander Journal Pouch

Meander Journal Pouch 2
Shh!  This pouch is heading off to a state just south of Washington.  It is a surprise so I can not relate to whom it is going to but it is a thank you for inspiration.  I loved stenciling the pouch and weaving sari ribbon through the sides to add more je ne sais quoi!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Exploding Box

Exploding Box 1

Exploding Box 2

Exploding Box 3

Exploding Box 4
This box is a hoot to make.  It is actually three nested boxes held together by a lid.  I chose a cat theme for the boxes.  I have a bit more to do on the inside pages and will get to them after a few other projects are completed.  There never seems to be enough time.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Meander Journal

Meander Journal
Meander Journal (open)

This journal is really fun to make.  It is created on a 12 x 18 piece of watercolor paper.  I like it because of the wrap around spine.  The size when finished is a perfectly small journal.  I added sari ribbon to give it a freeing look and to cover about 1/2 inch of the wrap around that needs a little something extra.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Meander Journal Pouch

Meander Journal Pouch
I have been missing in action for a few weeks.  First I went to Mexico with two dear friends.  We had a great time until the last three days.  I got sick.  Not fun at all when on a vacation and especially not fun to travel internationally.  The return trip was less than exciting and when I was finally home I was sick for days.  I had no appetite and I had no energy.  Part of the problem I am sure was that I was most likely dehydrated.  I am just back in the saddle and 99% recovered.  That is a good thing.

I was only able to keep up with obligations.  I had four teaching gigs which I did not cancel.  It is too hard to make them up and besides I love these groups.  Now I am just getting back to doing my own art. While in Mexico my friend, Michele, showed me a meander journal that she had made in a class she took from Judy Wise.  I have done meander journals many times but this one was different as it has a wrap around spine.  Of course I had to make one while on my trip.

We found a great art store in San Miguel Allende and I was able to get everything I needed for the journal.  The one I made was not completed exactly like Michele's example.  Since the trip I made another one, much smaller, which has the same feel but different in size.  One afternoon Judy Wise stopped by our house to visit.  I had to tell her about some projects that I had completed that she inspired me to do....without even knowing she had.  I told her I would create a pouch for her as she was intrigued.  This is the pouch I planned on sending her.  However, I like it so much I am keeping it and will make her a different one.