Sunday, January 24, 2016


I am not much of a gambler and I do not know of anyone with a gambling problem.  I have been to Las Vegas twice with many years in between.  I did play the slot machines.....loved walking around looking at the people.  That was it.  So where did this spread come from?  The mind is a scary place!

The envelope on the left came from Terry Garrett.  I believe he used an old calendar or magazine cover to create it.


jacki long said...

This whole envelope series is amazing, John!
What a treasure you will have to enjoy, over & over!
Can't describe how much I look forward to your every post!

anonymous said...

He doesn't look like he's won much - so not a happy bunny either! Don't you think we all have a subliminal 'what if...' feeling when we pass but don't enter the temptation zone?