Friday, July 19, 2013

Supernatural Barns

Supernatural Barns
So where did this piece come from.  I have never been that interested in the supernatural or spirits or the occult.  So maybe I was channeled to do this piece!!!!  Anyway, I found most of these barns in May when I was taking a Seth Apter art journaling class on Whidbey Island.  This piece is part of my barn journal project that I am doing with my friend Ingrid.  My favorite part of the piece is the lit candle overlaying the numeral 7.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Connected Collage

While I was in Minnesota at my friend Terry Garrett's ( http://whisperwoodartworks.blogspot.com/ )   house last month we were deciding on what our project of the day would be.  I noticed a piece of art on one of his inspiration boards.  It was from an art friend of his, Shirley End-Saxe.  I loved her piece and loved the way she had connected the separate pieces to create the whole of the piece.  Terry and I decided to create our own works in the style presented by Shirley.  Terry got out a wealth of ephemera and we began having a grand old time.  You can see Terry's product on his blog.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Round Robin Journal Entries

Seattle March 2013 - will return to me in October or so.
Seattle April 2013 - will reside near Minneapolis

lead in for Seattle May 2013

Seattle May 2013 - will reside in Lancaster, Ohio
June 2013 MIA.....will make its debut soon hopefully
July 2013 lead in
Seattle July 2013 - will end up in Hawaii
Seattle by day

Seattle by night

September 2013 will complete the Round Robin Traveling Journal.  When we started out there were seven participants.  Now there are six.  The Seahawks  and the Starbuck's flip cards open up to Seattle by day and Seattle by night.