Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Condensed Soup

Condensed Soup
You know those stormy cold winter days when the wind and the rain are pelting you and all you want to be doing is reading a book by a roaring fire.  Remember those days when your mom made grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup?  If you are like me you dunked your sandwich right in the warm soup.  Condensed Soup brings back those memories for me.

The envelope on the left side came to me from my friend Irene Rafael in CA.  The right side envelope came from England but I am not sure of the sender.  No matter I appreciate the wonderful mail art that comes my way. Thanks Irene and the mysterious British person.


jacki long said...

Really cool! I love the rain!
They say people are more creative near water.
The ocean, a lake etc. I feel it with the rain.

tgarrett said...

I remember the grilled cheese and soup- we had that at school lunch in elementary school and I loved it.