Thursday, January 7, 2016



WOW!  Now this is busy!  I love busy though and there are so many things about this spread that I like.  First, thanks to Irene Rafael for sending me snail mail art.  The front of her envelope is her spectacular piece of mail with just two additional things by me the geisha and the white "circle".  The bottom portion is my doing.  I wanted to tie the two pieces together and my attempt at continuing the red and black on the left hand side does that as do the drips.  My final touch of pink also brings the top and the bottom portions of the spread together.

Irene's heritage is Japanese-American.  Her family was interned in "relocation" camps during WWII. Irene is masterful at keeping her heritage alive.  So in the bottom portion I have included Japanese comic book figures that were given to me by my friend, Jan.  If there is any attempt at minimalism it is mostly the bottom portion of the spread.  I kept it simple and yet it is busy.  I like that other mail is showing through in many different places along the borders of this spread.  I thought of cutting them off but decided not to do that.  It does not affect the spread as one can see the beginnings and end of this collage.  The bottom portion of the spread was the interior of an envelope.   The title Sam comes from the phrase just under the gentleman near the geisha.  This spread evolved over about two hours this morning.  Thanks Irene for inspiring me! :-)

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jacki long said...

O I love everything about this John,
it's like a beautiful tapestry where you eyes have a feast to enjoy.