Saturday, June 30, 2012

Jane's Chicken, Buffy

During the summer of 2011 I took a class from Carla Sonheim.  Carla's class  Junk Mail Artist's Book was a blast.  We created journals out of junk mail.  Since each piece of junk mail is sized differently, one had to frequently incorporate something into the next piece from the previous piece.  So when you turn the pages you were changing and adding from the previous journal page.  There is a line right through Buffy's eye.  That is where the page turns.  An abstract moose appears on the next page.  Thus a rooster becomes a moose.  Carla frequently teaches online classes.  If you are interested check out her web page, http://carlasonheim.wordpress.com/4629-2/.

Friday, June 29, 2012


Earlier in the year I took an online class from Jane Davies, Text and Image.  If you have never been to Jane's blog Collage Journeys, you are in for a treat.  I have taken four classes from her and each has been amazing.  Stop by her blog if you get a chance.... http://janedavies-collagejourneys.blogspot.com/ .

In our class, Jane asked us to find magazine photos and disparate or interesting text.  We created backgrounds, added the photo and text, and then we were on our own to create a finished piece.  I love the dragonfly that I found.  Look closely for other insects or amphibians.  Jill K. Berry even had some influence on this piece since it has a portion of a map, the map moon.  Check out Jill's work in Personal Geographies, her book,  or on her blog http://jillberrydesign.com/blog/ .  Jill has a second blog, http://personal-geographies.com/. Some of my students work has been showcased there.

Languid Rose

Languid Rose
Rose spoke to me as I riffled through my collection of torn out magazine clippings.   She is so sultry, passionate, and sexy, yet indifferent.  She needed a voice albeit it a slightly shy one.  Being hidden behind the flowers allows her to gaze, yet feel protected.

Using CitraSolve I removed the advertisement around Rose, added panpastels, washi tape, and collaged magazine pieces with yellow hues.  The vase with the flowers was the final touch.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Maine Memories

Maine Memories

I created this piece this spring learning how to make gel skins.  The girl's photo started the narrative about childhood memories somewhere along the coast of Maine.  Everyone one of us has a story bottled up inside that only we can own.  Mine is having lobster at a restaurant down one of those long peninsulas along the coast of Maine years ago.  One could buy a lobster dinner and if you were still hungry you could purchase another lobster for something like $2.95.  I doubt that is possible now to get such a good deal.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Donnie Series

At an estate sale this past May I found two photographs of a boy.  These photos were the inspiration for what has become the "Donnie Series."  I thought Donnie looked like a rascal and, in no time at all, a story developed around the five photos entitled Innocent?  Since I am into postcard art I made several copies of Innocent? to send to artist friends.  One artist was inspired to create her own card for the series.  It is entitled Donnie Grown Up.  Irene Rafael, the artist, decided that Donnie would take on a sinister life as an outlaw.  I have included Irene's work below.

Innocent? was also created to honor artist Orly Avineri.  I met Orly when I took a postcard creation class from her at ArtFest 2012 in Port Townsend, Washington.  Orly is an inspiring artist and teacher. Her blog may be found at  http://oneartistjournal.com/ .  Orly has just published her first book and you will find details about ordering it on her blog site.  I am enthralled with Orly's works in her book and on her blog.  Both are a journey well worth taking.

I am hopeful that I have set up this blog correctly so that you may click on the "postcards" allowing them to enlarge so that you can read about Donnie and the other characters in his life.


Donnie's Innocent? inspired Irene Rafael to create Donnie Grown Up.

Donnie Grown Up

DJ, the Outlaw

After I received Irene's card in the mail I was even more inspired.  Thanks Irene.  Ideas just flowed and Donnie's mother's character and more of Donnie evolved.  It seems that when I go to bed at night my mind starts creating Donnie stories.  I wake up around 4:00, if not earlier, and have to start creating.  Ideas just burst forth, problems are solved, and I must get started working on the art and writing the vignettes. Smokin' Donnie just could not wait to be created.  Who doesn't love the photo of Donnie and Rosita?
Smokin' Donnie

Because of Irene's influence, Belle's Dilemma followed next.  Poor Belle is troubled and having a difficult time with Donnie.  Belle and Donnie live in and around Dodge City, Kansas during the height of the wild west. 
Belle's Dilemma
More Donnie stories are in the works.  Wyatt Earp will be making an appearance.  Mrs. Watson becomes a hostage in a bank heist, and Donnie's granddaughter joins Ziegfeld's Follies.  So stay tuned!

What is nice about the Donnie Series, is that stories can evolve and they don't have to be sequential.  Perhaps they will become sequential one day.  Only time will tell.

Over the past months I have come to know several artists who have encouraged me to share my work. Hence, this blog got its' heart and soul.  I want to thank Seth Apter, Brian Kasstle, Orly Avineri, Jill K. Berry, Irene Rafael, Jane Davies, Carla Sonheim and Juliana Coles for their inspirations.  Links to their blogs may be found under Artists Who Inspire Me to the right.   I may have come late to art, but I definitely feel that I am now alive!