Saturday, January 9, 2016

Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink 01

Kitchen Sink 02

Kitchen Sink 03
Following my original plan of uploading even my art warts to this blog, I decided to do a little Photoshopping to see what might come of turning a wart into something acceptable to me.  First this spread is like throwing everything into the kitchen sink hence the name. Knowing when to stop sometimes is a problem for me.  It seems that this is one of those times.  I won't bore you by telling you all of what I dislike about this spread, but for me it is just too much.

Kitchen Sink 02 which is a crop of 01 seems to me to be the best save of the spread.  It needs a something in the foreground which I could Photoshop in and which I may do. Perhaps 03 could use the same treatment if I decide to take the time.

Kitchen Sink 04
I decided to do one more thing to Kitchen Sink 01.  I really did not like the barking dog.  So I decollaged it and added another Japanese comic character.  Things are looking up but not much. Moving on.......


jacki long said...

Well I love it!
I love how you can be looking at a section,
and a date or location pops up.
Whimsy yet design, color & pattern ...
what's not to like? ;o)

Brian Kasstle said...

You know me! I LOVE busy. I love this. Gesso is always my friend when I don't care for something, perhaps with some paint for a tint, or good old paint!