Monday, January 25, 2016

Shabby Chic 3 and Shabby Chic 59

Shabby Chic 3
Shabby Chic 59
I finished my Shabby Chic journal this afternoon.  This was an involved project that took almost a month of working on it every day for several hours.  This journal has 9 pages front and back (18 separate works).  I will post both sides of each journal page for the next eight days.  The photographs that I will be including all came from my parents estate.  Some of the photos have people I know and others do not.  For instance, Shabby Chic 59 has me sitting on some man's lap.  I have no idea who he is!


anonymous said...

Your comment reminds me I must swiftly get on with trying to label the photos in an old family album before everyone who might know 'who is who' has gone out of answering distance...

Brian Kasstle said...

It is so important to label photos for future generations! These are wonderful spreads!