Monday, January 18, 2016


Voice 01

Voice 02

Last night while I was working in my passport journal I started rummaging around in one of my paint cupboards and re-found an ink spray that Seth Apter had given me last May when he stayed with me during our workshop together.  It is Fireworks Pear Tart.  I really was not sure what it would do and found out that it gives bling or sparkle.  I have not been into sparkle in my work but thought why not. You can see the before Pear Tart and after in the two photos above.  In this case I like how it tied the two sides of the spread together.  I used only one shot of spray on each side and then rubbed a bit.  It is a water soluable spray.

This spread is called Voice.  Hmm!  I wonder why?  The obvious is the voice of the bird.  I love this time of the year because very soon the birds will be back.....birds other than crows and seagulls.  I love it when robins first start visiting the neighborhood again.  It is a sure fire lead up to spring.  But the left hand side of the spread is a different voice.  It is the voice of the past.  Of course you see me in an altered photo, but you also see my grandfather and father in the photo.  The little boy is my dad. His dad died when he was only three.  So there are few photos of my grandfather around.  Not only am I giving voice to his existence, I am giving voice to the fact that I would not exist without either of them having lived.


Cate Rose said...

These are really awesome, as are all the other pieces you've posted lately!

anonymous said...

Like the story behind the spread. Not sure about the spray improving it though. I spent ages doing the old Spot the Difference before reading the commentary and then preferred the Before version. But maybe a less sweet colour spray would be nice.

tgarrett said...

Love this spread and the story- love all your stories.

Seth said...

I like the spray here John. Added some interest to the surface and definitely integrated the two sides.

Irene Rafael said...

Wonderful story of your family, Now that you know what the spray does, you can pick and choose. Personally I like a little bling here and there but rarely use it.

Claudia MB said...

Your grandad was a very dapper dresser! I never knew my grandfathers, either, and often wonder about what they were like.