Friday, January 1, 2016

The Downton Abbey Girls or Barbier Repositioned

Downtown Abbey Girls or Barbier Repostioned
I am so into looking at the 1920 photos of Barbier that Tim found for me as a Christmas gift.  I used several figures from the different Barbier posters to create my version for The Downton Abbey Girls. It just seems that Edith is in the pink outfit.  Mary is wearing the blue-grey one, and Sybil, seated, is in yellow.  This spread is in a RR journal almost coming to closure.  It will reside with Amy Duncan in just a short few months.  I love narratives and this certainly tells a story even if one does not think that the women are the Downton Abbey sisters.

Happy New Year!  :-)

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amy of studio four corners said...

oh yippee! can't wait to see it...and how did you know that I was a Downton fan!