Sunday, January 17, 2016

Leyendecker Tribute

Leyendecker Tribute
I have loved Leyendecker's work for quite some time.  He did many covers for the Saturday Evening Post and ads for Arrow Shirts.  The three male figures in my tribute came from the new digital files available at the NY Public Library.  Each figure was in a different ad.  I put them together in this spread to honor this wonderful artist.  Leyendecker was gay and lived with his partner, Charles Beach, for many years in New Rochelle, NY.

The envelope used on the left side of the spread came from my friend Ingrid who lives in Sweden. Her choice of color was replicated on the right.  Thanks Ingrid for this unknowing collaboration. :-)
Ingrid primarily is a fabrics artist. She is also an avid photographer.  She has had many shows of her fabric art in Sweden which I wish I had a chance to attend.  Check her out by clicking on the link.


Teresa Ettel said...

I wasn't familiar with Mr. Leyendecker but the moment I saw your pieces I searched my vintage cardboard/button tags and I believe I have two with his wonderful illustrations. Well one in front of me, the other which was framed may have been gifted. I love seeing your work everyday John. Such an inspiration.

jacki long said...

I agree with Teresa, I so look forward to studying your beautiful work.
This envelope journal must be stunning!

tgarrett said...

I have seen his illustrations and didn't know he was gay- I do love those illustrations. Another wonderful composition John.

Irene Rafael said...

clap clap clap! I love this spread and how clever you are to incorporated such seemingly disparate elements. You're so good!