Saturday, January 16, 2016


My Collage Society partner, Jan Clem, and I, with many volunteers and two professional hangers, hung the NW Collage Society Winter 2016 Show Thursday and Friday.  It was a massive task to hang 86 pieces of art but it is done and it looks great!

On Thursday afternoon several of us went to a Mexican restaurant for a 4:00 lunch after one long day of show preparation.  We were starved but we found an atmosphere of atmospheres to dine in. Wherever I go I look for ephemera.  First, I asked the waitress where they got the wallpaper.  It had a terrific texture.  No one seemed to know but one of the diners at my table asked me if I still had my exacto knife on me??  No, but maybe next time! :-)  Then when the bill came, it was in a Jalapeno pepper can.  I coveted the can because of the label but I could not talk the waitress out of one.  She did tell me I could find the cans at Safeway.

So when all the diners got outside of the restaurant I was provided one of the cans from a diner who will not be named.  We had a good laugh over this one.  This diner had scooped out the cans and found that the restaurant had a supply not only on the wait staff table by the front door but in the kitchen.  So I do not feel so bad about the sticky fingered diner's task.

This is now known as The Case of the Missing Pepper Can!

The spread LaMorena was completed in my envelope journal.  My Swedish friend, Ingrid provided the envelope on the right.  Her collaborative part is the four green circles on the right which were on the back of the envelope.  Thanks Ingrid! :-)


jacki long said...

Love this story and can almost picture you all outside laughing.
As usual, I enlarged your work, smiled & studied as is my habit.
I loved how it carries as a spread, yet each page stands on its own.
Always a joy to see your work!, John!

Brian Kasstle said...

LOL, your pepper can story gave me a good chuckle. I love the spread!!!

anonymous said...

I think your next story spread should feature the light-fingered friend scooping the jackpot of used tins with nice labels...

Irene Rafael said...

You just crack me up ... such a MASTER story teller. Next you can write do the at for a book. I love the story and the spread that you created to go with it. It is intricate, mysterious and just plain made me smile!

Irene Rafael said...

ps I think that after all the work you did, everyone need some comic relief

Teresa Ettel said...

Oh I love the piece. Sounds like you have lovely and supportive friends. Lucky you!