Thursday, January 28, 2016

Shabby Chic 8 and Shabby Chic 48

Shabby Chic 8

Shabby Chic 48

I can come up with a story for just about all of my collaged spreads.  Sometimes I like to tell you and other times I leave it to you to figure out your story.  In Shabby Chic 48, I have only a slight clue as to the gentleman.  I am wondering if it is my brother's father.  I do not know.  The photos were found in an envelope with my mother's previous married name on it.  There were pictures of my brother and my mother in the envelope.  Since it was not something that was talked about around me very much when I was little  I do not know much.  The funny thing is that I found an insurance policy made out to my brother that his dad took out.  I have set it aside to give to Jerry soon.


jacki long said...

Love the richness of the colors in this series.
Wishing I could hold and feel them.
I do love old papers,
I have a few Western Union messages
that seem so urgent & mysterious?

tgarrett said...

You are one busy artist. Always enjoy your stories.