Sunday, January 3, 2016

be Original

be Original
I did another PhotoShop of a model seen previously which I printed and paint transferred into my envelope journal. I finished off the spread with stenciled paint and a collage.  Doing the transfer is an interesting process as one thinks that all the paper fiber is rubbed off and when it dries you discover it is not.  I watercolored over portions of those fibers which gives the purple tinge.  It is harder working on paper that is envelope quality.  Anything wet soaks through which can be nice for the other envelopes.  It can be problematic for the spread being worked on as it is easily destroyed or damaged. I still like the idea of a collaboration with the unknowing sender. :-)


Cate Rose said...

I really love this one!

jacki long said...

I'm with Connie, I love this too!

anonymous said...

You couldn't lose with this model! Looking forward to trying out that paint transfer process... Where do the days go?