Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Shabby Chic Journal Page

Shabby Chic Journal Page
I am in the process of teaching a new workshop that I am calling Shabby Chic. The page above is one that I am thinking is almost done but I want to live with it for awhile.   I first heard of Shabby Chic when I was visiting Paris many years ago.  Tim was off doing some work while I took a walk through one of the arrondissements (Paris is divided into sections) where I found an alley.  When I reached the end of the alley and turned around, a huge dog was standing in front of me about 30 feet away. You can image that I thought I was a trapped goner,  Fortunately, the owner of the dog came out and took charge.  She was an American. expat who was very friendly.  We ended up chatting for quite awhile. Within 30 minutes of knowing her, she had invited Tim and I for drinks late that afternoon.

Her house was amazing and it was decorated in what she called Shabby Chic.  Paint was peeling off the walls as was some wallpaper.  The furnished items were all from flea markets.  Her house was very eclectic.  I loved it!

Sometimes I feel that my art is eclectic.  I find ephemera wherever I go.   Yesterday I was attending a lunch meeting for the NW Collage Society and scored big time.  The birds above were in the napkins that the hostess gave us.  I knew immediately that they would become part of my Shabby Chic journal.


Teresa Ettel said...

What great napkins! Save me a bird!:) Love it and love the story.

jacki long said...

Another beauty ... layers, texture, color and magic!
You are the storyteller of art!

anonymous said...

Nice colours here.