Saturday, June 29, 2013

Red Light Dandy

Red Light Dandy
For quite a few months I have been trying to take a photo of the store front of an establishment in Seattle's University District.  Either I did not have my camera or the photo did not turn out like I wanted.  Luckily, the store does not change its windows frequently.  I finally got the photo and decided I wanted to do a gum Arabic transfer of the photo into my new journal.  The transfer process failed but I had gum Arabic and printer's ink all over the photo.  After wiping it many times with a baby wipe I got it to a place that I was pleased. 

We love to watch Project Runway on television and the seed was planted to do a fashion piece for my new crown binding journal.  I recently was in Minnesota visiting my great art friend, Terry Garrett, ( http://whisperwoodartworks.blogspot.com/ ) and with his generous gift of many ephemera pieces the Red Light Dandy was developed to what you see.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Buried Treasure

Each year artist and blogger Seth Apter ( http://thealteredpage.blogspot.com/ ) encourages bloggers to repost artists' "treasure" pieces on their blogs.  Seth publishes a list of blogs that are participating to gain more blog exposure.  Here are some of my recent favorite "treasures."

Flight to Paris
Barn #7
Beloved Boeing
Fish Salesman
Crazy Guys


Monday, June 10, 2013

Sisters - Red Barn # 9

The total spread for Sisters - Red Barn # 9  is complete.

Sisters - Red Barn # 9
The addition of the left hand side of the spread includes the letters L and E and the number 3. The L stands for Lottie and the E, Elaine.  The sisters are twins and were once triplets, but that is another story.  The time frame for this spread is 1926.

Sisters - Red Barn # 9
Near the end of last week, Ingrid, my friend in Sweden mailed me the first of her signature of the barn journal collaboration.  I was in awe of her work and only minutes passed before I had to start working on my first of four entries into her signature.  I have until October to finish four for Ingrid and four for my second signature in our journal collaboration.

Sisters - Red Barn # 9 evolved over two days and is the right side of a two page spread.  I have not completed the left side yet.  This particular red barn was photographed on a barn scouting safari and is located near Silvana, Washington.  The photo of the two women came from a antique store in Snohomish, Washington that I found on a day's excursion recently.  The dragonflies flew in from my friend, Irene, in a surprise piece of mail art which included dragonfly ephemera.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Street Art

Street Art
Today I took several art journalers into Seattle to journal at a coffee house and to walk the streets looking for ephemera and taking photos.  This is the piece that I completed from this adventure.  It was a great time as it was a totally new experience for everyone and anytime you can add food to the mix then it must be a good time.