Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods

My friend Liri Ben-Dov lives in Israel.  She sent me a card which is the background of this spread.  I do not know the artist who created the amazing painting of the forest. I found the images for the figures on French playing cards hence the diamonds and the hearts.  Liri's message to me below was included with her bi-monthly ATC.  I thought her words poetic, eloquent and poignant.

Israel is my country, a country of conflicts and contradictions: joy and sorrow, religious and secular, Arabs and Jews, sweet and bitter, quiet and thundering, cannons, war, and peace.

 Liri Ben-Dov

Please note on the right side of the spread, the Harvey Milk stamp.  It was sent to me by Brian Kasstle.  Thanks Brian!  How perfect is that? Harvey would have approved of this spread, a nod to PEACE.


Irene Rafael said...

I admire your mind, dear friend. Love this spread and how you incorporated the beautiful words by Liri.

jacki long said...

Terrific again, John!
As I studied the enlargement ...
I thought to myself that this would be
a wonderful design layout example.
Can't stop the teacher, I guess?