Sunday, September 20, 2020

Ten #2 - 10

Ten #2 - 10

 For some reason Ten#2-09 has disappeared from the blogspot queue.   I am going to have to find it on one of my other computers. So we jump ahead to Ten#2-10 which is the last one in this series.  I really like the postmarks in this one.  They bring me down from the top to the bottom of the collage in a right left manner.  I am in love with the use of rice paper ledger paper.  The numbers 772 and the calligraphy above the woman’s head were from one piece but to me they do not look like one piece but layered.


jacki long said...

Great stamps! And you know I love orange even though it is not your favorite.
Sad to see the series end, but look forward to your next art adventure.

Robert said...

Great use of analogous colors in the stamps and background behind the photo. Nice use of repeated line in the verticals to the right of the woman and the curved ones in the postmarks! A very satisfying piece, John!

anonymous said...

As you say, you can track the postmarks. In fact I could use a newly found word and track them in a boustrophedon way! What a marvellous word that is. xcr