Saturday, September 19, 2020

Ten #2 - 08


Ten #2 - 08

Sometimes there is something so little that you might miss it.  There is a bit of the orangish color from the center collage in the upper right of the total collage.  I like that compliments the rest of the collage.  Happy accident but fun!


jacki long said...

This whole series is so charming, John.
Your choice of subjects to center the frame is magical.
I love the father and son, especially the son's outfit.

julia said...

Jacki is right! It’s wonderful..and also i do notice more orange creeping in to your work..even though at one point, you said orange was not a fav color...it’s wonderful here..
As you have probably noticed...stamps were not all perfectly printed, centered..so even when you are doing your best..they will be a tiny bit uneven..but that makes the piece even better!

tgarrett said...

I have loved stamps since I was in elementary school I started a collection-a friend of my father got me started. This is great use of stamps what a score that was to get all these stamps- you have put them to such wonderful use.