Tuesday, September 29, 2020

52 Pickup no. 2 - 25,26,27

52 Pickup no. 2 - 25,26,27

Something happened in my neighborhood that does not have an explanation because I do not know the neighbor.  Several months ago my backyard neighbor who flies an American flag 24/7 also put up a tRump flag.  I thought that sucked as I could not look out the bedroom window without seeing it.  On Sunday I went for a walk in my neighborhood and had to pass that house.  The American flag and the tRump flag were gone.  I could not even see the flag pole.

So yesterday on my return from the grocery store I drove by the house and sure enough no flags but the pole was there.  It must be one of those telescoping poles but all one could see was an eagle and the pole only a few feet up in the air.  I am so curious as to why the change to no flag flying.  I am pleased but still wondering.  Another neighbor on the same cul de sac has a Black Lives Matters sign.  Maybe I can find out from them what transpired.  Was there an epiphany?  Did someone steal the flags?  I know that he had the right to fly the flags but I just did not want to look at the one flag.  I probably won’t ever know what transpired.  Just call me Curious John. :-)

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jacki long said...

Well, Curious john, I think your story had a good outcome, eben though you don't know the middle part.
I like the placement of the figure on the third card especially.