Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Creative Gents Passport

Creative Gents Passport


More passport spreads.....speaking of passports. I had taken a passport and filled it with exciting this and thats. Do you think I can find it. It is in one of those black hole safe places I presume. I have searched high and low and do not have a clue where it is!


julia said...

John, it’s well known that there are very naughty sprites who invade homes sometimes...and they love to drive a person crazy by hiding their stuff!
I’ve had things disappear forever....or turn up a year later...maybe on the street a block from my house!
I’ve been busy and have not been commenting.but this series is remarkable! I love what you are doing with it all..

jacki long said...

Yes, as Julie said, the sprites are active here as well.
I usually find it after I have given up all hope?
I love your passport series and Snip especially.