Thursday, September 3, 2020

Brand Spankin' New Postcards - 21

Brand Spankin' New Postcards - 21
This pandemc is affecting each of us a little bit differently. Yesterday I was speaking to a freind who has done very little art since March. Perhaps the creative juice have been frozen for awhile. I know some people who it has spured them into new directions. I know others who it has not affected their work output at all. Whatever your situation it is yours and that is OK. No guilt allowed! We will find our way.


julia said...

And i have a friend who had covid and was so ill!! He has recovered and his art is taking off in an entirely new direction....it’s exciting bur also disorienting..for me at least!
And by the way...this collage is fabulous..i love the heron as your final touch!

jacki long said...

Nice movement and a different palette?
Take good care, John