Friday, September 25, 2020

52 Pickup No. 2 - 13,14,15


52 Pickup No. 2 - 13,14,15

These are all new ones in the set of 52.  The one on the right yesterday was the new one.  Some guesses have been centering their thinking on the focal images.  Not so much.  It is the background that is similar but different.  I like each of these for different reasons.  I like the older gentleman image a lot on the left.  The middle one looks like my day, stormy and I like the movement in the third one.  Happy weekend! :-)


travelbags said...

Thanks for mentioning that you got your start in a class from Seth Apter. I looked him up and today I bought his $20 video class on this 52 card journal. Can’t wait to get started!

jacki long said...

Different but similar is what comes to mind?
Excellent palettes and composition, but that seems a given?

julia said...

I had a detailed look, john. Esp at the middle one, since it reminded you of your stormy day....my first thought was: where is his mask???
You see....we are now thinking constantly in masks and social-distancing!
Love the colors! And the figures...:-)

Irene Rafael said...

I’m loving this series...I’ve told you that. I agree with Jacki different but similar ❤️ You’re a star!!

Robert said...

It’s amazing how much depth the backgrounds give the imagery in these, John. I think the stamped letters and numbers work especially well with the “abstract expressionist” painting on the substrates. The old guy in #13 looks like he is a bit flabbergasted that he has dropped the black and white optical “ball” in front of him!