Sunday, September 27, 2020

52 Pickup no. 2 - 19,20, 21

52 Pickup no. 2 - 19,20, 21

 There was a comment question yesterday that I will address and that is do I carefully select the words to go with the images?  The answer is yes and no.   The words always go down first after the background is completed and before the main focal image.  I have a stack of images and I look to see if the images go with the writing.  Sometimes it is dead on and sometimes it is what my brain thought worked well.  It might not be obvious to the viewer.  Sometimes it is a statement.  I never seem to go looking for the match up first.  It just seems to be more intuitive.


jacki long said...

Well, it is working just fine.
I love the variety of backgrounds and subjects.
Always wonderful to see each new creation.

Robert said...

Oh my, John! I love the expressionist style of #21. Such great colors and textures, too. Sometimes more is more!