Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Wishful Family

Wishful Family
The last few posts for 2016 are my "lost and found" pieces.  Wishful Family is one of those. What is it with parents who tend to have girls often keep trying to add a boy to the family?  I have an extended family who fits this stereotype. It did not work out for them and they stopped having children after three girls.  I think it says more about our patriarchal society ideals than anything else.  You know the adage of carrying on the family name!

So many parents have a set idea on how they want their children to grow up.  They want them to have a certain profession or they want them to uphold some idea that is only rooted in an uneducated societal more.  I know that my own father had expectations for me.  When I did not follow his prescription he had a very difficult time reconciling his thinking with reality.

Wishful Family can be taken many ways.  Perhaps it is about the boy who turns out to be gay.  Or perhaps it is about the boy who never materializes.  Maybe even it is about the boy who does not survive to adulthood.  There are many possibilities.  Perhaps even the wishful boy could be a wishful girl who does not meet expectations.


jacki long said...

Another great visual story, and I especially like the options.
Were you told stories when you were growing up?

Brian Kasstle said...

Man does this post hit home. My entire life. Be a "man", like sports, "you'll never make any money as an artist". So much BS that my mother put upon me. Talk about rebel. Just let your kids "BE"!

Irene Rafael said...

Oh yes, those family expectations can kill your soul if it doesn't make you stronger. In the Japanese family, girls were a big drain so were treated that way. Oh well, we'll show them!
~~ Irene