Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Red Truck Self-Portrait

Red Truck Self-Portrait

I have been in a round robin with the Belltown Bookies for almost one year.  There are eleven of us participating.  Each month we created a 9 x 6 inch spread for a different person's soon to be bound book.  December was my month to finish my own spread.  At our meeting Tuesday, tonight, I will receive my eleventh spread hopefully.  I am not sure how I am going to bind all of them quite yet.  I could glue them back to back and then add a cover and spine.  Nothing is on the back and since they are all amazing, I have to really think this one through.


jacki long said...

How cool to put yourself in your work, I never thought of that!
This is great on so many levels, right down to the tire marks!
Yes, I do study! ;o)

Elizabeth said...

John - I love this so much. So you.

Anonymous said...

What fun. Great result.