Friday, December 23, 2016

Faux Postage - Toothbrush Clean

Faux Postage - Toothbrush Clean

Two days ago I shared the "Iron" stamp and today it is "Toothbrush Clean".  This is the stamp I created for my commission. The same woman being honored was a cleanliness fanatic.  She used a toothbrush to get all those dirty spots that try and hide. So I created a faux postage stamp with that idea in mind.  In the stamp I used an actual photo of the grandmother and just added the toothbrush and the postage information.  The reason for a red toothbrush is because I was asked to create the collages (yesterday's and tomorrow's) with black, white, and red as the main colors.  You will see the stamp in tomorrow's collage.


jacki long said...

I love these stamps. The initial design is so strong and then 30 of them is terrific!

Anonymous said...

Inventing stamps now - there is no limit to your creativity! Excellent. And I like the new banner as well.