Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Faux Postage- Garage Sales Forever

Faux Postage - Garage Sales Forever

I was commissioned to create a collage for a client.  This client wanted to give a gift to her cousin for Christmas and she wanted to have a personalized collage using vintage photos that she had in a family album.  To get the flavor of the people in the photos I interviewed my client and found out that one woman loved to collect irons.  I wanted to include as many of the photos in the collage as I could and I needed a way to express some of the ideas and keep the composition from becoming overwhelmed with different focal points.  I came up with the idea of creating a stamp with an iron to represent the woman's collection.  Since the woman loved to go to garage sales, the stamp was given a title of "Garage Sales Forever".  Tomorrow I will share the collage with this stamp.


Cate Rose said...

How very cool!!

jacki long said...

This is wonderful John!
Perfect, I'd say! ;o)

Brian Kasstle said...

WOW!!!! I love this! How did you create the faux postage stamps? I have always wanted to make these.