Monday, December 26, 2016

Oklahoma Memories

Oklahoma Memories
About two years ago I took an online photography class which was basically for smartphone users.  I do not have a smartphone and so I used my iPad instead.  Not having a smartphone can be a problem for when I want to take that photo just in the moment.  So I am presently looking for an alternative.  I like the idea of the size of a smartphone type camera.  I have not found one yet that is quite right for me....most are too thick or heavy for my back pocket.  The camera I do have works just fine but I have to think about taking it with me whereas a smartphone type camera is so conveniently a device that I would just carry around easily.

Some people are curious about why I do not bridge the tech gap and just buy a smartphone.  I do not like talking on the phone.  Give me personal contact please!  Since I do not like conversing over the airwaves I can not see the reason for paying a monthly phone fee.

With this said, I love my new mini Polaroid printer.  the images of my friend, Jeanne, were printed with the Polaroid printer.  I like the size and quality.


Cate Rose said...

As you know from following my blog, I recently did get a smartphone. And, as it turns out, I rarely use it as a phone, although the texting feature is wonderful and by itself eliminates the necessity to be on the phone too much. I'm really glad I got it, because the camera function is awesome -- better than my now-old Canon Powershot camera, and I can post virtually instantly online from the phone. And after computer hours during the day, on those days when I am on the computer, the phone is a better substitute for online stuff than my tablet is, because it's more portable and easier to hold in my hands. I'm over having to pay a monthly fee for the phone because of the convenience. Plus the fact that since I do carry it with me everywhere, if ever I need it for emergencies, I have it.
I love this series you're doing. All really wonderful collages. Today's especially, I love the juxtaposition between the straight architectural lines and the photograph's country image.

jacki long said...

As you know, I enlarge & study your images daily.
My eyes really enjoyed the acrobatic activity of this piece,
jumping from one focal point to another & another.
Love the image & how the green ties it all together.
Masterful! ;o)

tgarrett said...

Nice collage- as Connie said sort of bridges the two different series- As to the smartphone- I didn't think I would want one but now that I have had one for 2 years I can't imagine not having it- like Connie said- I rarely just chat on it as a phone- I love to be able to text if I need to- I love the camera as i always have it with me. It has been a real help when traveling having directions right there for you- and some of the art apps I really like are only for the phone. Oh and the ability to take a picture and immediately send it to someone via email or messenger.

Pilgrim said...

Hi, you might want to check out some Nikon Cameras. Some are quite thin. In fact I gave one to a friend a couple of years ago that took great photo's and fit in to a pocket. The Coolpix S33 looks really slim