Saturday, December 3, 2016

Graffiti Series # 10

Graffiti Series #10

Sometimes I like to add distress inks and matte varnish to finish off one of my art pieces.  Rubbing the distress inks and then adding the varnish ties everything together with a hint of the same color.  In this series I was careful to not put the distress ink/varnish over the vintage photo because I preferred the clearer photo.

I suppose one could say that is series is a bit a formula.  Similar backgrounds, stamps, vintage photo and a mostly a person for a main focal point.  I would say, well it is a series isn't it.


Cate Rose said...

This one really speaks to me. Have a good weekend. Hugs.

jacki long said...

Cool! This one reminds me of my Uncle Kenneth.
He died in the war, but I have a picture of him
in a bomber jacket like that.

tgarrett said...

John- this is another fine one- Interesting you commented that some might say a formula. I was wondering if people would say that about some of my work I had made for my recent show- but I have to say yes it is a series- a related body of work.