Friday, December 9, 2016

Graffiti Series # 16

Graffiti Series #16
Don't you just love the attitude and the strut of these women.  Can't you just see them on a street out of a day of shopping, gossiping,  and lunch?  Another medium I used in this series is Inktense blocks.  If you have never used Inktense blocks you might try to find an art friend who has them because they are pricey but to me well-worth it.  They are applied like a crayon or you can use them like watercolors.  If you are using them like a crayon you color and then wet a brush and go over what you colored.  The pigment is intense.


Anonymous said...

The blocks look good and the lightfastness grades seem okay too. I have some similar sticks by another company but they don't do the vivid colours. Must restrain myself from indulging - say this every year but it often gets forgotten...

jacki long said...

Love this composition John,
Always drawn to the old photos.
I was fascinated with the Mom watching from inside,
another baby in arms.

tgarrett said...

Love this one John- I LOVE inktense- I have the blocks and the pencils they are pricey but worth it. What I love is when you make a wash bu going over marks from a block- you let it dry and can do a different color over without lifting the first layer because they are water fast when dry.