Saturday, December 31, 2016

Kantha-like Accordion Journal

In October when I was visiting friends in Southern California we went to the Long Beach Flea Market.  Jacki, Irene, Brian, and I got separate for a few minutes.  When we rejoined, Jacki had purchased a scarf that was from India and stitched in Kantha style.  Since I have loved Kantha cloth for quite sometime I was very envious of her purchase.  One day soon after I returned home a package arrived in the mail from Jacki and guess what was inside, the scarf!  Of course I was in seventh heaven.  I have created this journal in the Kantha stitching style.  Thanks for the inspiration, Jacki.
Kantha-like Accordion Journal

Kantha-like Accordion Journal


This is my last blog entry for 2016 and it is my 307th!  I actually can't believe that I have accomplished as much as I have this year.  I have continued my philosophy of uploading whatever I am working on even if I consider the work to be a "wart".  I am a firm believer that everything does not necessarily turn out perfectly and that is just fine with me.  

Happy New Year to each of you!  I appreciate you so much.  Many of you I do not even know and that astounds me even more.  Since the early fall I have been enjoying a surge in followers.  I know many bloggers try and answer anyone who comments on their blog.  I have chosen to not spend that much time on the computer.  Please know that I do read your comments and that I am very appreciative of you taking the time to comment.  Thank you.  The best to each of you in 2017. :-)


jacki long said...

Wow! John! So beautiful.
So impressive and congratulations on your 307th!
I so look forward to your posts and am so glad you have decided to post often.
Have a happy, healthy 2017 & love to you & Tim!

Luis Fernandez said...

Hi John jus a little note to let you know I'm one of the followers. I love your work and hope to see what's coming for next year. I wish you the best in every way

Hope your New Year is a great one! my hope is that this upcoming year will be one of peace and joy.

Happy New Year, friend!

tgarrett said...

Beautiful Journal! Happy New Year to you.

Cate Rose said...

I love that beautiful journal. Kantha stitch is a keeper, whether in fabric or paper. Happy New Year to you, wishing you the best of everything. Hugs

Irene Rafael said...

Well, 307 is a major accomplishment. Congratulations are in order. I love this journal you created. You continually inspire me, my dear friend but also you warm my heart. That's the most important. I am so so glad that we met and that you are in my life.
~~ Irene