Saturday, December 24, 2016

Toothbrush Clean

Toothbrush Clean

This is the reverse side of the piece I shared two days ago.  I loved the vintage photo of this grandmother. She seems to be such a happy person.  I love that the vintage photo shows her rosy cheeks.  I used a vintage photo of this women in the stamp, too.  She was said to have a "toothbrush" clean house.  I included the colors red, white, and black per request of the buyer, hence the red toothbrush.  I found some great picture frames at TAP near my house that show off both sides of the art simultaneously but better to switch them.  All one has to do is reverse the frame image by unscrewing four screws to change the art whenever desired.

This is also the 300th blog posting of the year.  I made my goal and I have several more ready to go.  Can you see the fireworks going off?

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jacki long said...

Congratulations John, I have loved every one! ♥