Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Graffiti Series #13

Graffiti Series #13 

A few years ago in an Orly Avineri workshop we made chop marks out of rubber stamps.  Ever since then I have used the chop mark on my work.  I latched onto this idea because when living in Japan I had a chop mark.  That is how one signs legal documents there.  It was not easy finding a chop that fit my last name.  Then when I lost the chop and wanted to close my bank account I had many difficulties because I did not have my chop to sign the papers.  I had to go with a bank employee to get a second chop and sign all sorts of documents stating that I had lost my original chop.  Because all the paperwork was in Japanese I had to take the word of the bank employee that I was knew what I was signing.  I guess it did not matter much since I was leaving the country.


Anonymous said...

This incongruous collection hangs together very well! I like it.

jacki long said...

Wonderful, John!
You are such a storyteller/artist!

tgarrett said...

This one really pulls me in- I was with you when we did the chops- I love that you have continued to use yours I haven't seen mine in sometime.