Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Child's Playground

The Child's Playground

Yet another "lost" postcard.  So many children in the world have no where to play or have only a place that is surrounded by what we discard....another outcome of the haves versuses the have nots!


jacki long said...

Another beauty.
Sweet child seem tethered & comfortable with the surroundings.
Ilove the colors & the way your stamp works.

Anonymous said...

But children don't know they have nowhere to play (which is designed as such). The great thing about children's imagination is that they can play anywhere with anything - the only important thing is that they are safe and protected from dangerous sites and people.

Irene Rafael said...

I think you are talking about most of the children in the world. It is only by luck of birth that some are comfortable.
~~ Irene