Saturday, December 10, 2016

Graffiti Series # 17

Graffiti Series # 17
I used glazing liquid on several of the pieces in the Graffiti Series.  It not only can possibly tint depending on if you add pigment to the liquid but it also leaves a more glossy look.  Gloss or matte is definitely a personal preference. If one does not like the glossy look after using the glazing liquid, a quick light coat of matte medium will bring back the look you desire.  One reason for a tinted glaze is to unify the piece.  With that said, distress inks and matte varnish can achieve the look desired as well.


jacki long said...

I love the look of stop action & well it unifies with the surroundings.
This is a great series!

Anonymous said...

A real story starter - where is this going?