Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Lifeguard

The Lifeguard

No. 1 new series

I do not know if I will be able to complete as many posts this year as I did in 2016 but here is the first one for 2017.  The Lifeguard is the first of 13 in a new series of industrial or architectural pieces.  All 13 are headed to the southern hemisphere in February.  One of which will be in a show in New Zealand.  The other 12 will be sent throughout the world during October 2017.  I will receive 12 original collages in return.  Sounds fun!

A new year gives me a new idea for this blog.  I am sent links for viewing a variety of wonderful experiences from time to time.  Other times I find things myself on the internet.   Sometimes I send them onto art friends.  This year, 2017, I am going to post them here on my blog.  I do not know if there will be daily "finds" but frequently I am sure.

My first was sent to me by Nan.  Thanks Nan!


Happy New Year1. :-)


Claudia MB said...

A show in New Zealand! Very cool!

jacki long said...

Awesome! Looking forward to this new series.
The video was wonderful, thank you John!

tgarrett said...

Congrats on the New Zealand show. Love this post- wonderful collage. The video was such a treat. I love pop ups.