Saturday, December 17, 2016

Graffiti Series #23

Graffiti Series #23

There is something satisfying when all the techniques come together to make a pleasing composition. I used many, many techniques to complete the Graffiti Series as you have seen from each post explanation, maybe more than I ever have.  Originally I thought maybe they all would be organized into a book or in a specially made folder.  Now many of them have new homes elsewhere and so I have to make a decision about housing the ones that are still residing with me.  Do I continue and make an even 24 for the "book"?  Or do I leave it be and seven back-to-back remaining ones?  I will think on it!


tgarrett said...

Well I have enjoyed this series so much and thanks for the info on the techniques you used.

jacki long said...

Another beauty!
Love the stilts,
can almost feel them walking! ';o)

Claudia MB said...

Love the boy with the kitty! Hey, have you ever considered using a photo service (like Shutterfly) to make keepsake books of your collage series? I've done that, and been happy with the results. That way, even if you send them away, you still have a copy. The only trick is scanning the originals at a high resolution.

Anonymous said...

Nice one. Look forward to your next venture!