Monday, December 5, 2016

Graffiti Series # 12

Graffiti Series # 12

I like most anything vintage.  I just like the look.  I am continually asked about where I find my images.  I scour estate sales, the online  Goodwill auction site, garage sales, friends, you name it!  I am lucky enough to have a personal shopper.  My art friend, Sally, loves to look for anything on my list of wants.  She has a route of stores that she goes to and besides shopping for herself, she is willing to shop for me.  She will find something for sale on the Goodwill auction site that she thinks I will want and she sends me a link.  I love that she is willing to do this and I am so grateful that I know Sally.  Thanks Sal!


jacki long said...

Me three! A wonderful composition.
And, lucky you with Sally, I am coveting Sally.

Cate Rose said...

This is just the best!!

tgarrett said...

wonderful John- how nice to have a shopper! with the move later next year I am having to do the opposite.