Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Committee Meeting

The Committee Meeting
In this country women moved on from the fashion of wearing hats socially years ago. I guess that is one thing that I really like about the British.  They still wear hats to many social occasions like weddings or to Ascot or royal occasions.  I love what hats say about personality.  I say bring back hats!  Well, I can't really say that because I am a man and I do not have the right promote such a movement in women's fashion.  However, I do like looking at them.

For me, I do not look that great in a hat although I wish I did.  There is a man's hat store in Portland, Oregon that I have frequented.  Each time I go there I think perhaps it will work this time and I will look good in a hat.  I have tried cowboy hats, bowlers, top hats, fedoras, and berets.   The only hat that works for me is the baseball cap.  I have a bunch of those.  With that said I do not care for hat hair and usually avoid even the baseball cap.

The only time I might wear a baseball cap is when I have to spend a great amount of time in the sun or if I am going to do yard work before cleaning up for the day.  I have been known to do grocery shopping before showering especially when I need a last minute item.  Thank goodness for baseball caps then. :-)

Now someone who looks great in a hat is Pharrell Williams.  Check out his video "Happy" and you will see.....


tgarrett said...

First off I love the title and brings to mind the many many committee meetings i sat in during my education career- Terrific collage John- as to the hats- I seldom wear them- I have very fine hair and "hat hair" is a real issue for me- that said sometimes I need to. I love the look of a man in a good hat but I have yet to find one for me.

Elizabeth said...

John - maybe the Panama? It seems your style.

Claudia MB said...

When I lived in Philadelphia in the 80s, people got dressed up for Easter, so I got to see lots of fantastic hats. The only hats people like here in the NW are knit caps in cold weather. Me included.