Sunday, January 29, 2017

Trammel Collages 01

Here are the first four of fifteen collages made from ephemera that I had stuffed in zip lock bags just waiting for but never selected previously for a collage.  Creating these quick collages was really fun. I say they were quick but they actually were done in three parts with time in between.  I first did the background and put them away.  I then sewed on them and put them away.  Finally I did all fifteen foregrounds in about an hour yesterday.   I could have done them in one setting though.

Trammel Collages 01
This is the second envelope I made out of the brown waxed paper.  So now I have to decide which envelope I will put the collages in before binding with twine.  You will know by Trammel Collages 04 in a few days.

Trammel Envelope 02


Sam Smith - Stay With Me

Although he has been around for the past few years I am listening to him almost everyday and enjoying his music even more.

Image result for sam smith in the lonely hour


Brian Kasstle said...

Somehow these are some of my favorite collages of yours. Simpler, busier wonderful.

tgarrett said...

Wonderful collages- I remember the Randel Plowman class that you and Brian and I took- we had to make those 5 minute ones- I loved that.
Sam Smith is a terrific singer. I discovered this duo a while back I find their voices and lyrics to be incredible. The call themselves Aquilo. I find tears coming when I listen to them- sometimes sad but mostly cause it's so beautiful.



jacki long said...

I love these and the stitchery. I love stitches! ♥