Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Trammel Collages 03

Below is my third set of four in the trammel package.  This series of collages is very organic in nature.  Doing them was a "it just felt right" activity.

Trammel Collages 03


I am heading to San Francisco on Monday to attend CODEX.  I first heard about it from the curator of special collections at the University of Washington.  I am not sure what to expect except for what I have seen on the link above.  It will be an adventure.


Anonymous said...

Interesting time capsule idea. I like #2 with its sparse design. I went back about 35 years later to a house where I knew there should be a copy of a secret code I made with a friend under the floorboards. Unfortunately they had all been covered with lino so I was unable to rescue it. Maybe years in the future someone will be very puzzled!

jacki long said...

As always, I love all the collage.
Each a time capsule in it's own right?
Codex looks fantastic! Have a great time!