Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Soda Grandma #1

Soda Grandma #1

Soda Grandma is a two-sided collage which I did as a commission.  I spent about 90 minutes chatting with one of her granddaughters about Soda Grandma who led an interesting life.  She was employed in Bellingham at the Buchan's Bakery.  Her grandchildren loved spending time with her but one thing they did not like is that she offered them soda crackers, frequently Ritz, which were always stale! You can imagine how she got her name.

Soda Grandma loved to crochet and travel.  She had very little money but found ways to go to San Francisco, Europe, and Hawaii.  One story that I particularly enjoyed was that she wanted to give her daughters a present but only had money for essentials.  So SG made two books out of materials that she had around the house.  Those hand-made books still exist and I was lucky enough to see them.

Another story occurred around Christmas.  The grandchildren were very worried about Santa Claus not being able to come down the chimney at Grandma's house as there was no chimney.  SG said, "No Problem!"  She got a refrigerator box and made a chimney.  The girls were now satisfied that Santa would find his way!

Tomorrow, side 2.....

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tgarrett said...

Nice collage. I am impressed at your being able to do that- not collage as we know you are terrific at that but a commission. Not sure I could do that- did years ago and it was not a pleasant experience. Well done. I will check the video out later.