Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Arm

The Arm

Don't you just know that something interesting goes on behind that window with the arm?  Does someone live there that once had a career with a carnival?  Does this person watch the street continually because she does not have anything better to do?  Is she widowed or is she just waiting for her significant to return home?  Perhaps she is a mother wondering where her late child is?

If she is like me she loves to people watch.  I can go practically anywhere and sit for a long time just watching people.  I usually make up little stories to go along with whomever I am at the moment fascinated with.   I just love a good story and that is why I try and create a narrative in my work.  I love that there can be more than one story developed by you the viewer.

Everyone has a history and so does the couple in the photo as does the woman with the arm.  It is a woman, right? Maybe not!  Make up your own story.

I can't watch this for long but it is really cool.
There are no bad ideas, just good ideas that go horribly wrong


jacki long said...

Dizzy! I like the story!

Anonymous said...

I think she's does palm reading or similar - there's a beckoning feel to it. Did you make the vertigo-inducing pic? It's great.