Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Remembrance of Things Past

Remembrance of Things Past
What a lovely building this is!  It has a history and looks to be very solid.  That history, like everything else in life, is a soap opera in a sense.  Just what went on in the upper left room or behind the upper right two windows.  Decay arrives and the building is boarded up until someone decides that there will be a new building in the same location.  Every once in awhile someone sees the value of the existing structure and decides to revive it.


You are in for a treat while watching the video below of an artist's work.  Enjoy!



jacki long said...

Love the old building, looks like a school?
Imagine the inside! Really nice composition.
The standing lady's placements gives her a type of head dress?

Anonymous said...

@Jacki: And it echoes almost exactly a photo in a book I have on Klimt saying he took from ancient art the idea of putting that sort of arch/shape behind a head to set it off... There's nothing new but sometimes we notice what is there.

Irene Rafael said...

Lovely balance in this piece. I enjoyed Jacki and Catherines's observations. The Video a treat, too. Thanks.