Saturday, January 7, 2017

Corner of First and Main

Corner of First and Main

This one is not my favorite of the series.  There are aspects of it that I like and yet the total composition just does not meet my personal standards.  Continuing my philosophy of sharing "warts" and "accomplishments", I add it the blog.  To me it is choppy....perhaps it is the top part that seems to be added to fill in paper space.  It looks stripey with a top added.  I do like the colors and the trees and, of course, the vintage photo.

I mentioned that I had a new toy, the Amazon Echo Dot, and that I am loving playing music using it and my new Bose Bluetooth speaker.  I asked Alexa to play Carole King and Alexa took it upon herself to play Elle King instead.  I had never heard of Elle and was sooooooooo pleasantly surprised by Elle's voice.  Now I am playing Elle every morning to jumpstart the day.  Here are two links to two of her songs on YouTube.  Enjoy!

Ex's and Oh's


America's Sweetheart



jacki long said...

Elle King is new to me too, but I enjoyed both videos and will look up more.
I gave my son in law, SuPerman aN ECHO DOT for Christmas, WW said he's love it.
Now it's on my wish list. ;o)

tgarrett said...

I like the colors in the collage. Say wanted to mention I think your link is broken for your workshop I click on it and nothing happens.

lufegu said...

Both songs are great,. Thanks for sharing.