Sunday, January 15, 2017

Brown Waxed Paper - Accordion Journal

Accordion Journal

This past fall I was sent a round robin journal wrapped in a brown waxed paper, paper I had never seen before.  Right away I was fascinated by its heavy amazing slick surface.  I needed to know where one could purchase it and what kind of characteristic it had.  Could it adhere to anything and could it hold a folded shape?  I experimented and found it quite durable.  Matte medium and PVA liked this paper.

My next idea was to use it create an accordion journal.  I painted on the paper and I cut holes in it.  I even sewed stitches in it which you will see very soon.  I have begun a working affair with this paper. So far I have not found any limitations.


I am a Andy Grammer fan and I love Honey I'm Good!  If  you have not heard it or want to hear it again here you go.....



tgarrett said...

love the look of the journal.

jacki long said...

Great journals & I loved AG too!